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Changes to the 3rd Plymouth District

As a result of the 2010 Federal Census and the new redistricting law passed last year, the district that Garrett represents will be slightly different. As of January, 2013 residents of Precinct 2 in Hingham are now part of the 4th Norfolk District, which is represented by State Representative James Murphy, D-Weymouth, who won re-election on November 6th, 2012.

Another change which has already taken place is the addition of several streets to Precinct 3 in Scituate.

Both of these adjustments were necessary due to changes in population and the Constitutional and statutory requirements for equal and fair representation.

The following streets are in Precinct 2:

(contact Hingham Town Clerk for more information)

Backriver Road, Baker Hill Drive, Bates Avenue, Beal Street, Beals Cove Road, Bishops Lane, Bradley Park Drive, Brewer Way, Brookside Drive, Bulow Place, Bulow Road, Burtons Lane, Butler Road, Charles Everett Way, Clifford Court, Conservatory Drive, Coolidge Avenue, Cresswell Lane, Crowes Lane, Del Prete Drive, Dwiggins Pathe, Edgar Walker Court, Elm Street (Odd 47-end), Foley Court, Forget Me Not Lane, Fort Hill Street, Fottler Road (All 14-28 and 60 and 76), Franklin Rodgers Road, Fresh River Avenue, Golf View Drive, Harbor View Drive, Heron Way, Hersey Court, Hersey Lane, Hersey Street (All 7-85) and (Odd 93-257), Hill Top Road, Hillside Terrace, Hobart Street (Odd), Hockley Drive, Isaac Sprague Drive, John Hazlitt Lane, Kents Lane, Lafayette (Odd 33-End), Lantern Lane, Lea Circle, Lewis Court, Lily Pond Lane, Lincoln Street (170, 194, 196, 200 and 274), Main Street (Odd 455-461), Maple Street, New Bridge Street, New Towne Drive, North Street (Even 166-216) and (239-End), Olmsted Drive, Oregon Court, Osprey Way, Park View Drive, Park View Place, Quincy Avenue, Rhodes Circle (Even), Sayles Road, Sherman Way, Sherwood Road, Smith Road, Smith Way, South Lane, South Street (104-End), Spencer Drive, Squirrel Hill Lane, Steven's Way, Summit Drive, Thaxter Street (even), Tuckers Lane, West Street and Whiton Lane.

Voters living in Precinct 2 vote at Hingham High School, but receive a slightly different ballot.


Map of new district

Map showing new district boundaries.  Most of Scituate is served by Rep. James Cantwell














Garrett Bradley:  Effective Independent Leadership.

    Thank you for giving Garrett the honor and privilege of serving the Third Plymouth District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives through your support.

    Your work on behalf of Garrett's campaign is greatly appreciated, and has made the difference in every election.  In these challenging times, it is more important than ever to have competent, experienced leadership.  With your support, Representative Bradley will continue to provide that leadership and fight hard on behalf of the residents of Cohasset, Hingham, Hull and North Scituate to make sure our towns have a strong voice at the State House.


    Campaign e-mail address:    Join the mailing list today !

    Other correspondence may be sent to the following address:  

    Committee to Elect Garrett Bradley, P.O. Box 55, Hingham, MA 02043

    You may also contact the campaign by calling 781-749-3331


Garrett's event May 22, 2014 at Tosca

Rep. Garrett Bradley addresses his supporters

during the May 22, 2014 campaign kickoff event held at Tosca.  Video link

Garrett waving to supporters in Cohasset

Garrett with supporters July 31




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