State Budget Includes Funds for Safety and Security Measures in District Schools

Boston-    Representative Garrett J. Bradley (D-Hingham) announced today that the towns of Hingham, Hull and Cohasset will be receiving additional funds in this year’s state budget which will provide for implementation of additional safety measures in the public schools. 

A six member House-Senate conference committee reached agreement on the state budget on Tuesday, July 7th.  The full House passed the conference report on Wednesday, July 8th by a vote of 158 to 1.


Under this agreement:


  • Hingham will receive an additional $90,000 which will provide for further enhancement of security in school buildings.


  • Cohasset will receive an additional $100,000 which will pay for a school resource officer for the Cohasset schools.


  • Hull will receive an additional $88,000 which will pay for a school resource officer for the Hull schools.


“I am pleased that the House and Senate conferees agreed to include this important funding in this year’s budget,” said Rep. Bradley. “I believe it is vitally important that we provide resources to our schools so they can take the necessary steps to better secure our school building and provide a safe learning environment.”


Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson said,  “We would like to thank Rep. Bradley for his assistance in helping support Hingham in our goal to make our schools as safe as possible.  Our goals are to provide safety that will not distract from the positive learning environment that is so important to education. These funds will enable us to continue that goal.”


 "We are thrilled to hear about the new resources that will allow us to enhance the safety and security of our schools,” said  Dr. Dorothy Galo, Superintendent of Hingham Public Schools.  “These dollars will move us to the next level of emergency response, particularly with respect to taking fuller advantage of the already existing technology in each of the buildings. We look forward to speedier and more comprehensive communications both within the buildings and with emergency personnel. We very much appreciate Rep. Bradley's ongoing efforts to support our goals for safer school environment.”


 Hull Chief of Police Richard Billings said, “I am thankful for the efforts of Rep. Bradley. The school resource officer has been a wonderful safety resource and truly benefits not just our schools, but our entire community.”


“I am very pleased that Rep. Bradley continues to work closely with the Town of Hull keeping school safety in the forefront,” said Dr. Kathleen Tyrell, Superintendent of Hull Public Schools.  “We appreciate his support of a school resource officer for the Hull Public Schools. We believe that this position has had a positive impact on school safety and on school climate. Once again, Rep. Bradley has worked for the well-being of students.”


Cohasset Town Manager Christopher Senior said, “I’d like to thank Rep. Bradley for his efforts to secure funding for Cohasset’s first School Resource Officer (SRO).  The SRO will be a positive, approachable presence for kids growing up in an ever more complicated world.”

School resource officers are professional police officers whose presence in the schools will provide an added measure of safety to students, staff, and visitors.  The full-time Police Officer will serve as a counselor, role model, and mentor for students and a resource for parents, faculty, and staff. 


This funding was approved as part of the final fiscal year 2016 state budget. 


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