H. 543, An Act relative to enhanced disclosure of top-five contributors information

Rep. Bradley served on the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Task Force, created by the Legislature in August 2014 to study various election and campaign finance related matters and reform. 

H.543 is one of the legislative recommendations approved by the task force. One topic the task force looked to address was closing a loophole related to the disclosure of funding by groups and political action committees (PACS) for certain election efforts. Under current law, PACs and other organizations are required to include disclaimer information on television, internet and print advertisements.  However, many of these organizations use direct mail for election communications and are not required to disclose the sources of funds to send out such publications.   To strengthen campaign finance reporting and promote transparency, this bill requires PACS to include their top 5 contributors on any direct mail and or billboards.  

H. 543 is currently before the Joint Committee on Election Laws. 

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