My Legislation for 2015-16

Here are some of the bills that I am working on during the current session that I'd like to share with you. To see all of the legislation that I have filed in the current session, please click here.

As always, please contact me if you have an issue or bill you'd like to see me support.

- Garrett

H. 543, An Act relative to enhanced disclosure of top-five contributors information

Rep. Bradley served on the Campaign Finance and Disclosure Task Force, created by the Legislature in August 2014 to study various election and campaign finance related matters and reform. 

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H. 970 - An Act to promote accessible substance abuse treatment for all.

In response to the serious opioid epidemic impacting all our communities, I have filed comprehensive legislation which proposes to:

  • Create patient choice through equal access to all medication assisted treatments.    It would require all private insurers, Medicaid and the Group Insurance Commission (GIC) to provide coverage for three clinically proven and FDA approved treatments:  methadone, buprenorphine (“Suboxone”), and naltrexone (“Vivitrol.”)
  • Direct Medicaid (MA Health), in consultation with the Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Health Policy Commission (HPC) to establish two primary care integration pilot programs for Medicaid patients seeking treatment for addiction at Opioid Treatment Centers.   This will facilitate the establishment of co-located medical homes by locating primary care practitioners within the same building at opioid treatment centers. 
  • Create a public, online consumer quality dashboard for substance abuse treatment providers.  This dashboard will provide those seeking substance abuse services information  about quality of substance abuse providers and how to access those providers.  The data is already collected by DPH but needs to be provided to the public.
  • Expand community walk-in centers for substance abuse services providing streamlined access to  services in a timely manner for consumers and providers.  This will be achieved through a central navigation model accounting for beds and services in real time.

H. 970 was heard by the Committee on Health Care Financing on June 24, 2015. 


H. 1684, An Act Increasing Injured Workers’ Access to Medical Care and Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The purpose of this legislation is to mitigate significant barriers faced by the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable workers when injured on the job. These barriers often prevent workers from obtaining timely and complete access to medical care and wage loss benefits. The bill requires employers to provide printed notice of key workers compensation information and information on illegal employer retaliation and fraud. It also requires the workers compensation insurer, to take into consideration information from the employee, not just the employer.  The bill would allow workers to request an expedited appeal hearing if the worker was denied workers’ compensation because of a wage disagreement.  H. 1684 increases the wage benefits for low wage workers to help reduce the financial hardship that takes place when workers become injured. The bill proposes to raise wage replacement benefits for low wage workers (workers earning $15 an hour or less) from 60% of their average weekly wage to 70%.  


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